The office is your second home, and you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure its energy efficiency. Avoid taking everything in your office for granted and start caring for it the way you would do for your home. It is as much as your responsibility to ensure that the energy costs don’t go through the roof as your employer.

You can also suggest your employer switch to renewable energy sources as provided by to save on energy bills, as well as set an example to other people in the industry over going green. Your boss will be more than delighted to consider your offer.

However, you should do your part in reducing waste by following the suggestions mentioned below:

Get your beverages together

Instead of every one of you boiling the kettle numerous times, you can do that for your entire team, as you take your coffee break together. This simple exercise will save a lot of energy, which would otherwise have been spent in using the kettle throughout the day. Further, it will also increase productivity, as your team members don’t have to get up from their desks every time they need a coffee.

Put the lights on motion sensors

If you have the habit of forgetting to switch off the lights when you leave a room, you can suggest your employer puts the lights on motion sensors. That way, even if you forget to switch them off, they will go off automatically a few minutes after you have left the room. You have no idea how much energy you’re going to save, as many lights remain on even after everyone has left the office.

Practice going paperless

Do you need to print all those important documents before attending a meeting? Why not share them on the drive or the cloud? Going paperless will not only help you save the energy costs of printing and scanning but also help you contribute to the environment by reducing deforestation.

Allow more natural light to enter the space

Roll the blinds up and keep the windows open to let the natural light in. That way, you won’t have to keep the lights on during the day. If you face issues of glare while working on your computer, adjust your seat accordingly but refrain from closing the blinds. According to scientific researches, exposure to natural light also helps decrease stress levels to a great extent.

Love your office just the way you love your home and your job will pay you high returns in no time.

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