Solar energy is not something that is easily attainable. There are a lot of limitations which comes in the adoption of solar. And those limitations are like the geographical conditions, daylight, seasons, etc. which creates a limitation to its uses. solar energy news is also very pivotal in our life so that we get to know how much the solar industries have succeeded. There are many different kinds of solar companies all around the globe that you will find. Solar aid is an international charity which is working to stop poverty and climate change. They are currently providing access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of Malawi, and Zambia. It is done through social enterprises.

Current News

As per the latest solar energy news, 598 million people in Africa have no access to electricity. Without electricity, these families are having no clean source of light. This leaves millions of families in Africa to depend on expensive and dangerous alternatives like homemade kerosene lamps. And we all know that these lamps are a poor source of light and they emit toxic black smoke which is very dangerous. But with solar light, everything changes. The little lamps of solar are very much clean and also adorable.

Solar Lamp a Hope for Future

These solar lights give off hours of light. So, these solar lights have been very useful for the people of Africa, where they suffered the most. Then, there is also energy for households which are working for the same cause for Africa. So, now most of the places in Africa are which are using solar lamps. And this is also like a boon to the solar industry. There are millions of people who will be using solar lamps in the coming future. This is because the solar industries are working hard to provide them with affordable solar lamps.

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