Around the world, electricity production relies heavily on coal and fossil fuels. The overall situation in the US is not much different. However, in recent years, more consumers are geared towards cleaner sources for energy, which are not only ideal for the planet but also for reducing utility bills. If you are in Philadelphia, you will find clean energy options, and the switch is not that hard. Check with Sunrise Power and Gas Philadelphia Electric Provider, for instance, to know the basic steps. In this post, we are discussing more on clean &green energy resources.

The advantages

Traditional sources of power may be effective, but are definitely not environment-friendly. In case you are talking of nuclear power, remember the risks, especially when it comes to disposing off nuclear waste. Fossil fuels and coal are finite sources, and if experts are to be believed, we will be left with no fossil fuels in the two or three decades. Not to forget, the carbon footprint of these fossil fuels is huge, and concerns like climate change are real. Green sources of energy, such as geothermal, water, waves, solar and wind, are renewable and will not impact the environment as fossil fuels.


The case of pollution

In the United States alone, electricity production has been cited as the major source of air pollution, due to carbon emissions. These emissions remain the top cause of climate change. If you are assuming climate change warnings are hoax, read up how the artic rice is melting, and some of the island nations are worried about their disappearance due to rise in sea levels. Many consumers still believe that climate change issues are not going to affect them, but the increasing number of natural calamities, like droughts and hurricanes, is a sure warning.

Making the switch

Using green energy or making the switch to these sources doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in many states, homeowners are given various incentives for the same. Geothermal energy is getting more popular by the day, and the whole setup or using this energy is easy. You get the same output as with coal and fossil fuels, and in the long run, this may mean huge savings through reduced energy bills and other incentives.

Take the leap towards improving the environment, because each consumer makes a difference with his/her choices, and we owe it to the planet we live in.

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