Are you fed up with the compromised battery lives? Are you on a hunt for the perfect battery for your cellphone and other portable devices? Are you looking for batteries with high energy density and cell voltage? Then, we have a solution for you!

The Lithium-Ion battery has achieved remarkable attention in the past few years. Mainly because this battery offers a distinctive set of advantages to you as compared to the other batteries. However, it also has its demerits if we give it a closer look. But what gives superiority to Li-Ion batteries over other batteries?

Proceeding forward in this article, you’ll come across some great reasons why a Li-Ion battery is an ideal type.

Merits of Li-Ion Batteries.

From the smallest electronic devices to large vehicles, Lithium-Ion batteries are extensively used. Its use has become so common that one could barely avoid using it in the present era. This is because of the range of benefits Li-Ion batteries offer.

Below listed are some of the many eye-catching advantages offered by these batteries.

No more maintenance stress.

Are you stressing about a battery with low maintenance? No need to worry anymore because Li-Ion batteries are subjected to very low or no maintenance at all, in most cases. They do not require high maintenance procedures and hence are more preferred in today’s world.  Common battery problems such as battery-acid problems are no more to think about. And unlike Ni-Cad cells, these batteries do not undergo proper maintenance procedures. The benefit of no active maintenance makes the Lithium-Ion battery the most suitable choice for you. However, like any other device, it demands careful use.

So, from here, only Lithium-Ion batteries start to build their margin over other batteries.

Higher Cell Voltage.

A Li-Ion battery generates a much higher cell voltage in comparison to all the other batteries. To be more precise, a lithium-ion cell produces 3.6 volts, whereas a standard alkaline cell produces 1.5 volts. A lead-acid cell, on the other hand, generates 2 volts. Consequently, a single cell of Li-Ion battery is enough for a smartphone. Isn’t it amazing?

This potential of producing a higher cell voltage makes lithium-ion batteries most suitable for a wide range of devices, leaving behind no other reason to prefer any other battery over this.

High Energy Density.

As said by Arbin Another major advantage of these batteries is their high energy density. Li-Ion battery comprises of higher energy density, which is a rare and distinctive feature. This lithium-ion battery facility makes it more worthy of being used in portable devices, power tools, and especially vehicles that require a high energy density. Therefore, if you are searching for a battery having high energy density, a Lithium-Ion battery is your ultimate solution.

So what else do you wish for when you can have numerous major advantages combined together? The Lithium-Ion battery has secured its position as one of the most suitable and preferable battery types.

Besides the stated advantages, one can enjoy various other technical benefits by referring to Li-Ion batteries. With its amazing advantages, the Lithium-Ion battery is the most fitted type of battery for a diverse range of applications. However, this is also important to note that lithium-ion batteries should be stored in a place with having a slightly cooler temperature. A temperature of 15 °C is optimum for storage purposes. Storing Lithium-Ion batteries at such temperatures ensures slow aging. Furthermore, while storing, make sure to charge your battery, preferably 40-50% partially. All these measures will contribute to your prolonged battery life.

As a result, you’ll have fewer problems causing fewer worries, and you are definitely going to save more money in the long run.

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