Terra Firma Foods is a sustainable food company with a mission to redefine how food is grown and produced. They have designed an innovative, patented technology that provides a solution to the problem of where to grow food in areas that are not suitable for traditional agriculture, or that cannot be grown due to climate conditions.

Terra Firma Foods has designed a sophisticated network of enclosed NexGen Farms that are up to 20 times more productive than traditional outdoor farming methods. The company is building a network of vertical farms that will allow it to grow food worldwide—even in places where the weather is too hot or too cold for outdoor agriculture. Using patented technology, these indoor farms can be built almost anywhere there’s land available.

Organic, waste-free farming

The company specializes in natural organic produce with the help of robotic automation in enclosed facilities making it possible to grow 12 months out of the year. The robotic feature ensures end-to-end automation, so to ensure no human touch through packaging.

Terra Firma Foods (TFF) uses controlled-environment technology, known as “terraponics,” to grow organic food sustainable and eco-friendly. While terraponic growing may not be a new concept, Terra Firma Foods has made it their goal to make sure that they follow through with this concept.  Terra, meaning soil, is what they are focused on.  Terra Firma Foods knows that almost all plants can be grown using the terraponic method.  How is this different from the more well-known hydroponics?  Not all plants can be grown hydroponically.  Growing terraponically also lowers costs, increases shelf life while maintaining consistently in color, taste and nutrition.

Terra Firma Foods (TFF) grows their produce in living soil, pulling nutrients from primitive soil making nutrient dense and better tasting produce.  Given that their produce is grown in their native environment providing naturally achieved nutritional value and causing less stress and shock to the planet, it gives commercially viable yields.

The vertical farming process is designed to grow leafy greens and herbs inside a 10,000-square foot Vertical Farm. This indoor facility can produce 100 grow racks with a production capacity of 3.1 million pounds of spinach annually from a single level (for example). This can be multiplied simply by adding levels to the growing system.

Terra Firma provides innovative sustainable farming systems and technology in vertical farming. The patented designs enable them to create a local farm near you with a personal touch. With significant advances in crop yields, yield quality and scalability, terraponic farming offers benefits in every phase of the food cycle, from production to distribution.

Terra Firma Foods believes this to be a global brand.  Their goal is to feed the world all year-round, eliminating the need to import produce due to seasonal issues.  Their vertical farms grown in an enclosed environment and can grow food in any condition, whether it is -150 degrees or +150 degrees.  This helps save our carbon footprint while also increasing shelf life of produce significantly.  TFF also uses Recyclable Pyrolysis, self-sustainability through providing NexGen Farms their own energy source; assisting communities by managing their waste; medical, landfill and recyclable collection plastic.

As you can see, they are covering many unique bases from feeding the world 100% organic produce, to helping save the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

Growth is steady, predictable and sustainable

Terra Firma Foods is the first to focus on scalable, locally-sourced organic food production. The goal of Terra Firma is to install vertical farms within 30 to 60 minutes of the market and provide food to restaurants and grocery store chains to improve the availability of sustainable food. TFF also plans to expand globally in the next 5-10 years by building farms outside the United States.

Terra Firma Foods (TFF) has developed a revolutionary product that utilizes the power of high-tech advancements and combines that with organic farming principles to create a new standard for food production. TFF’s terraponic technology is designed to produce healthy plants year-round and uses 80% less water than traditional hydroponic methods. TFF’s patented technology has applications for supermarkets who wish to grow/sell their own branded products, restaurants/eateries that want to grow their produce, schools looking to teach healthy eating, entrepreneurship, sustainability and more.

About Terra Firma

Terra Firma Foods is an AgTech business who’s process has strict procedures and protocols that are followed throughout the entire manufacturing process and delivery to guarantee the freshness of its products. Their mission is to also give 10% of all monthly production to the local communities of each farm.  This is what the CEO, Ray Urrutia’ s goal has always been – to not only feed the world, but to provide great food to everyone, including those that would not have access otherwise.

We look forward to seeing what Terra Firma Foods will be doing next! Please visit their website for more information.

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