Condition is the regular world which is made by the living creatures (individuals, creatures and the plants) and land. In this way the environment influence the conduct and improvement of a living being or a thing. The surroundings might be living elements like plants, creatures and decomposers and non-living things like air, water, light, soil and so forth.

Individuals are the result of nature. They are a significant factor of the earth. The earth causes us for our endurance, development, improvement, generation and wellbeing. No animal’s presence is conceivable without the parity of the common components. Along these lines, there must be a solid situation for our sound living. The more advantageous the condition the more joyful the living creatures including people.

Nonetheless, realizing that the earth ought to be spotless, sound and non-contaminated, individuals are answerable for the debasement of the earth. To satisfy the fundamental needs they are misusing the nature and regular assets. Populace development has given considerably more weight on the earth. Then again, loss of ecological quality is the underlying driver of common disasters like flood, avalanche and soil disintegration. Therefore, it has additionally influenced on the soundness of individuals and their lifestyle. Similarly imbalanced condition is continually interfering with the biological system or natural way of life.

Taking everything into account, man is only just the result of nature. So it ought to be kept in its common state. We should utilize common assets so as to not upset the regular equalization.

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